Xpeed Air Bearing Turbine Spindles - Ultra-High-Speed & Super-Precision

Ultra-High-Speed Air Bearing Spindles

Pursue the ultimate precision.

Features and Video

  • Max: 160,000 min-1 (Xpeed1600)
  • Max: 120,000min-1 (Xpeed 1200)
  • Housing Diameter: O65mm/O40mm
  • Max Output Power: 192W/56W
  • Dynamic Run-out accuracy within 1μm
  • Main mount method: Flange mounting method
  • Bearing Type: Air static bearing

If you have any questions about Nakanishi (NSK) Xpeed air bearing turbine spindles please contact us on 01923 221 155 or via email at sales@tstechnology.co.uk.