iSpeed3 - Short Brushless Motor Spindles

Upgrade Machining Centrrs to High-Speed Machines Solutions

High-speed spindle (80,000min-1) for automatic lathes with the minimum length of 87.3mm. Ultra-high speed and super-precision.


  • Max: 60,000min-1/80,000min-1
  • Max Output Power: 140W/150W
  • OD: O25, 22 ,20,19.5mm
  • Motor speed feedback
  • Motor speed is displayed precisely and digitally
  • CNC Interface for controlling and monitoring
  • The BM3 series has an intelligent motor and are equipped with super-precision special ceramic for longer spindle life

If you have any questions about Nakanishi (NSK)  iSpeed3 short brushless motor spindles please contact us on 01923 221 155 or via email at