E-speed E2000 Series - Brushless Motor Spindles

CNC Lathes, Special Purpose Machines & Robot Automation Solution   

Ultra-high speed and super-precision.




  • Max: 30,000min-1
  • Max Output Power: 125W
  • OD: O22.8mm
  • Motor speed feedback
  • Motor speed is displayed precisely and digitally
  • CNC Interface for controlling and monitoring
  • Safety mechanism stops the motor if the system is overloaded
  • High-quality electronic circuitry provides stable motor speed even under soft start - including emergency stop function
  • Auto motor start/stop function is standard
  • Interchangeable with a variety of attachments depending on the applications

System Figure - System Chart Download


If you have any questions about Nakanishi (NSK) E-speed E2530 Series brushless motor spindles please contact us on 01923 221 155 or via email at sales@tstechnology.co.uk.