Air-Speed SMS Air Motor Spindles - Ultra-High-Speed & Super-Precision

CNC Lathes, Special Purpose Machines & Robot Automation Solutions  

ø19.05, ø20, ø22.8, ø25, ø30mm Air Motor Spindles.




Features and Video

  • 5,000/13,000/20,000min-1
  • OD: O30mm
  • Max Output Power: 130W
  • The vane motor produces high to torque
  • By incorporating the reducer it is possible to motor speed select
  • Oil-based coolants 

Features - One Piece Type

  • Shorten total spindle length suitable for the compact sized NC or CNC Lathe and special purpose machines

Features - Separate Type

  • Free to connect the spindle to the motor for applications
  • Easy exchange for repairs

System Figure - System Chart Download 

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