About Us

We are the UK's official machine tools distributor for Japanese high-speed technology manufacturer Nakanishi (NSK).

Nakanishi (NSK) started producing micro machining equipment in 1982 taking their expertise in high-speed rotary technology from within the dental field to bring their first product to market.

The precision micro-grinder they produced for grinding, polishing and deburring precision moulds and delicate parts of jewellery was soon recognized for its high precision and accuracy.

This led to Nakanishi (NSK) building a reputation in these areas which has gone on to become its strengths in the general industrial field.

21st Century Company

Since those early days and now into the 21st Century, the company has expanded its product range to include high-speed spindles and other ultra-precision tools which are need to manufacture today's more compact high performance products such as PCs, audio-visual equipment and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Nakanishi (NSK) continues to research and develop ultra-fine finishing technologies to meet the growing global markets which require their high-precision products.

For more about Nakinishi (NSK), its history, philosophy and corporate aims and achievements please refer to the follow links or download the NSK Company Guide:

For more about Nakanishi (NSK), TS Technology and our work as Nakanishi's UK machine tools distributor please contact us on 01923 221 155 or via email at sales@tstechnology.co.uk.